Only Opaques - Rachel F

Check out this lovely blonde teasing at the office. Her named is Rachel F and it’s the first time that she’s appeared at Only Opaques. Today, we get to watch as she poses in a pair of sexy black stockings and a smart looking secretary outfit that consists of a grey vest, black top and short grey mini skirt. Underneath she’s wearing an eye catching black, red and white bra with matching thong. I have a feeling that you won’t mind if she takes everything off except her thong and stockings.

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Only Tease - Tammy

Things are getting very hot and steamy today inside of Only Tease. There you can see this lovely blonde babe, Tammy getting very wet. Tammy has always been a favorite for a lot of people at Only Tease, but after this photo set she definitely has many more fans.

Tammy started out this photo set wearing a dry pink t-shirt and denim skirt. As you can see, she lost the skirt and it’s not long before the t-shirt is going to disappear too. Underneath, Tammy was wearing a pair of sexy black pantyhose, that get even sexier when wet. She also has on a tiny pink g-string.

See all of this very exciting photo set at Only Tease today. This is definitely one photo set that you don’t want to miss. After viewing this one, Tammy is going to make you want to take long, hot shower yourself.

Only Opaques - Andrea

After a long day at the office, this talk, sexy blonde named Andrea couldn’t wait to get home after work today. She couldn’t wait to take off her clothes. She didn’t even wait until she got back to her bedroom. She started taking off her clothes right in the middle of the kitchen. Check out these photos of Andrea teasing out of her secretary clothes and showing off her nylon covered legs. Just about anything Andrea wears would be sexy, but she’s wearing a pair of black pantyhose that make her legs look simply amazing.

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Only Tease - Penelope

I love just about every photo set featuring Penelope but this one of the hottest that I’ve ever seen featuring the sultry looking black haired babe. Check out these photos of Penelope showing off her sexy lingerie. She’s wearing a black chemise with a sexy black thong and a pair of black stockings and suspenders. She’s posing outdoors here, but what male wouldn’t want to come home and find her wearing this sexy outfit.

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Only Opaques - Mackenzie

Take a look at Mackenzie, showing off her sexy ballet outfit. She’s wearing a cute pink jumper, miniskirt and a sexy leotard underneath it all. However, I’m sure that many of you will agree that the highlight of this outfit is her white pantyhose. They look simply amazing on her long, luscious legs. She teases out of the rest of her clothes, but leaves her pantyhose on as she poses for the camera.

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Only Tease - Cherry D

I know Easter was a few months ago, but I was digging through the Only Tease galleries and found this sexy photo set of Cherry D. I know it’s the middle of Summer but I couldn’t wait until next Easter to share these photos with you. She just looks to sexy, to amazing to not share. Take a look at these photos of Cherry D in her very naughty bunny outfit. It’s a pink costume consisting of a pink teddy, sheer pink pantyhose and a cute pair of panties underneath.

Take one look at these photos and you’ll know why I couldn’t wait until Easter to post them. Also, after looking at these photos, I’m sure you’ll understand why Cherry D is so popular at Only Tease.

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Only Tease - Rachel B

Today, we’re joined by the always lovely Rachel B. Check out these sexy photos of this brunette vixen. She’s wearing a smart looking secretary outfit – a black blouse, matching skirt and very sexy patterned pantyhose. I have a feeling that anyone working in an office with her would have a hard time not staring at her nylon covered legs all day long. Rachel definitely enjoys showing off her legs and poses on the couch to make sure the camera gets a good look at them.

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Only Tease - Nikkala Stott

I’m sure this sexy face is very familiar to many of you, it’s none other Nikkala Stott. This brunette babe has appeared in FHM, Zoo and Loaded, but today we have her all to ourselves at Only Tease. Today at Only Tease you an see her wearing a casual, yet very sexy outfit of white trousers and blue t-shirt. Underneath she has on a cute bra and panty set. It’s not long before the only thing that she’s left wearing is her panties.

Nikkala’s photo set is part out of Only Tease’s Prestige Tease collection, a collection of some of the hottest names like Louise Porter, Sam Buxton, Jaime Hammer and Carli Banks. That’s just a few of the beautiful ladies that you can see in Only Tease today. These are exclusive photos of these women that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Only Opaques - Elizabetta

Today, we’re with a sultry babe named Elizabetta. She’s wearing a figure hugging black dress with a pair of sheer black stockings underneath it. She’s feeling a little naughty and it’s not long before she slips out of the dress, showing off her body and posing in just her thong and stockings. Soon, even the thong comes off too.

Click here to see more of Elizabetta at Only Opaques. It’s not her first time appearing at Only Opaques, but it is the first time I’ve posted about her. She joins the 149 sexy and beautiful women posing at Only Opaques, all wearing their stockings and pantyhose. If you have a thing for beautiful women in sexy leg wear, you’re going to love Only Opaques.

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Only Tease - Liana Lace

This week seems like it’s never going to end, but luckily we have Liana Lace to make things more bearable and much more interesting. Take a look at these photos of the sultry redhead in a smart looking office outfit. She’s wearing a white blouse, with a long black skirt but it’s hard not to notice the red lace lingerie that she’s wearing underneath. She has on a pair of lace boyshorts with matching bra. Underneath her skirt, she has on a pair of sexy black stockings.

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